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Sonderangebot Volkswagen Polo
  60€ für 3 Tage

Sonderangebot Landrover Freelander
  140€ für 3 Tage

Sonderangebot Chevrolet Matiz Open Top
  130€ für 7 Tage

Sonderangebot Smart Roadster Bradus
  270€ für 7 Tage

Sonderangebot Nissan Micra
  70€ für 3 Tage

Sonderangebot Zongshen Camas 100cc
  40€ für 3 Tage

Sonderangebot Honda SH Mode 150cc
  80€ für 3 Tage

Sonderangebot Buggy Carter
  150€ für 3 Tage

Sonderangebot Linhai 200cc
  100€ für 3 Tage

  100€ für 3 Tage

Geschäftsbedingungen für die Vermietung


Most car rental companies in Crete insure their rental cars only to the minimum requirements by the law.

Which is the equivalent of indemnity insurance (third-party-insurance).

A comprehensive cover (CC) under Greek law does not cover all possible events of damage.

There is a significant risk of having to pay compensation or outlay in case of damage.

For your information:
The following table is a copy of an insurance policy of one of our rental cars.
All of the following is included in the price you do not have to pay any extra.

  • Physical injury on passengers and third party - Included
  • Material damage - Included
  • Setting on fire and terrorist attack - Included
  • Theft and partial theft - Included
  • Comprehensive cover and damage to property also wilful damage by a third party - Included
  • Theft insurance of radio - Included
  • Towage and extrication costs - Included
  • Material damage of a third party because of fire - Included
  • Damages to a third person because of towage - Included
  • Vandalism after theft - Included
  • Damages caused by weather (i.e. hail) - Included
  • Material damage caused by loss of fluids - Included
  • Damages by uninsured vehicles - Included
  • Damages originated on private properties - Included
  • Costs of ambulance - Included
  • Breakage of glass - Included
  • Legal costs insurance (traffic) - Included

The supposedly cheap rental car might end up being very expensive
and might even lead to an unintended stay in Crete.

MALIA TRAVEL wishes you a nice holiday with our all around insured vehicles.

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Car Rental Approved by the Ministry of Tourism & the Greek National Tourism Organization