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Ειδική Προσφορά Nissan Micra Auto
  160€ για 4 μέρες

Ειδική Προσφορά Fiat Panda
  99€ για 4 μέρες

Ειδική Προσφορά
  70€ για 3 μέρες

Ειδική Προσφορά Smart Roadster Bradus
  180€ για 4 μέρες

Ειδική Προσφορά
  140€ για 3 μέρες

Ειδική Προσφορά CF-Moto CE Force 450cc 4x4
  200€ για 5 μέρες

  200€ για 7 μέρες

Ειδική Προσφορά 0 Orient e bike
  180€ για 7 μέρες

Ειδική Προσφορά Honda PCX 150cc
  180€ για 7 μέρες

Ειδική Προσφορά Honda SH Mode 150cc
  150€ για 7 μέρες


Our bus tour takes us from Malia, to the other side of Crete, to Elafonisi beach, to an earthly paradise, in one of the most fascinating and unexpected places on the island of Crete. Here, at the beach of Elafonisi, is where we spend the whole day, in a faraway blue lagoon. A beach of exceptional natural beauty, the lagoon is something between an island and a peninsula, as it is accessible only through the lagoon that connects Elafonisi to the mainland of Crete. You can walk this distance easily since the waters are very shallow.
The pink beach is a true heaven of exceptional beauty with intense colors: White sand, which in places becomes pink due to the thousands of broken seashells, crystal clear blue-green waters, little sand islets formed around, are only some of its distinctive features that make this place unique. The beaches are perfect for everyone, especially for children as they are shallow several meters from the shore. Elafonisi lagoon is included in the protected areas of Natura, as it is the place where the Caretta-Caretta turtles are used to laying their eggs.
The legend has it that if you climb up to pay your respects, you have to look for a golden step, which is seen only by a true believer.

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