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Special Offer Volkswagen Polo
  60€ for 3 days

Special Offer Landrover Freelander
  140€ for 3 days

Special Offer Chevrolet Matiz Open Top
  130€ for 7 days

Special Offer Smart Roadster Bradus
  270€ for 7 days

Special Offer Nissan Micra
  70€ for 3 days

Special Offer Zongshen Camas 100cc
  40€ for 3 days

Special Offer Buggy Carter
  150€ for 3 days

Special Offer Cross Arina lady
  55€ for 7 days

Special Offer Honda SH Mode 150cc
  80€ for 3 days

Special Offer Linhai 400cc 4x4
  150€ for 3 days



Most car rental companies in Crete insure their rental cars only to the minimum requirements by the law.

Which is the equivalent of indemnity insurance (third-party-insurance).

A comprehensive cover (CC) under Greek law does not cover all possible events of damage.

There is a significant risk of having to pay compensation or outlay in case of damage.

For your information:
The following table is a copy of an insurance policy of one of our rental cars.
All of the following is included in the price you do not have to pay any extra.

  • Physical injury on passengers and third party - Included
  • Material damage - Included
  • Setting on fire and terrorist attack - Included
  • Theft and partial theft - Included
  • Comprehensive cover and damage to property also wilful damage by a third party - Included
  • Theft insurance of radio - Included
  • Towage and extrication costs - Included
  • Material damage of a third party because of fire - Included
  • Damages to a third person because of towage - Included
  • Vandalism after theft - Included
  • Damages caused by weather (i.e. hail) - Included
  • Material damage caused by loss of fluids - Included
  • Damages by uninsured vehicles - Included
  • Damages originated on private properties - Included
  • Costs of ambulance - Included
  • Breakage of glass - Included
  • Legal costs insurance (traffic) - Included

The supposedly cheap rental car might end up being very expensive
and might even lead to an unintended stay in Crete.

MALIA TRAVEL wishes you a nice holiday with our all around insured vehicles.

Car Rental Approved by the Ministry of Tourism & the Greek National Tourism Organization