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Специальное Предложение
  140€ за 3 дней

Специальное Предложение Nissan Micra Auto
  160€ за 4 дней

Специальное Предложение
  70€ за 3 дней

Специальное Предложение Smart Roadster Bradus
  180€ за 4 дней

Специальное Предложение Fiat Panda
  99€ за 4 дней

Специальное Предложение Honda PCX 150cc
  180€ за 7 дней

Специальное Предложение ORIENT Smooth 700C
  180€ за 7 дней

Специальное Предложение IDEAL HILMASTER ELECTRIC
  200€ за 7 дней

Специальное Предложение CF-Moto CE Force 450cc 4x4
  200€ за 5 дней

Специальное Предложение Honda SH Mode 150cc
  150€ за 7 дней

О нас

Welcome to Malia Travel we have many services that you will find useful while you stay in Malia. We offer a full range of Excursions, Vehicle hire, Boat trips, Money exchange and a hotel booking service. Our shop in located just 2 minutes walk from Malia main road.

We believe we offer a personal service when hiring a car in Malia, or hiring a car in Crete. We often stay in contact with people that have used a car hire service, and they often return to Malia.

We have an honest 'what you see is what you get' insurance policy, and have no hidden extras. We believe that we have some of the best cars in Crete. We certainly have cars and vehicles unique to the car hire business in Crete. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding hiring cars in Crete, contact details are above.

We have many discounted prices that will suit all budgets.

Malia Travel is an expert in the hiring and rental of many different types of cars in Crete, Greece. If you want to rent a car in Malia or anywhere else in Crete - contact us at Malia travel.

We have many excursions that you will only find at Malia Travel. We offer boat trips, water parks trips, and special sightseeing trips, to undiscovered parts of Crete.

You can easily find out more about what we have to offer before you come to Malia - no obligation - just call, fax or email us - to discuss any requirements you may have from any of our services or vehicle hire services.

Car hire in Crete, and car hire in Malia is our main business, but we can advise you on many other aspects of tourism and excursions in Crete.

We also offer a full photograph service so you can get your films developed either same day or next day - if you would like to show us your pictures - then we can add some of them to this site, to show people real pictures of Malia.

Car Rental Approved by the Ministry of Tourism & the Greek National Tourism Organization